Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Blog of GPU/CPU Hybrid Computer Cluster Project

Dear readers,

Welcome to the blog of the Hybrid Computer Cluster (HYBRID)project, lead by prof. Dejan Vinkovic at the University of Split. HYBRID is an experimental cluster that explores the use of Graphical Processing Units (GPUs) for low-cost general-purpose computing. It combines 16 quad core CPUs in 8 dual-processor nodes, with 16 NVIDIA TESLA 10 series GPUs in 4 Tesla S1070 units, into a cluster capable of 16 TFLOP of single (~2TFLOP double) precision computing power.

We will use this blog to communicate the status and new developments of the project both to our research groups, as well as the public at large.


  1. Everything is absolutely fine with Hybrid computers as far as compatible laptop parts are used the only concern is if anything goes wrong laptop repair doesn't come cheap.

  2. The Blog of GPU/CPU Hybrid Computer Cluster Project is very much informative. I have learnt many things by reading a single blog. Its always nice to get learn from a single place.