Wednesday, March 11, 2009

First Node and Tesla Unit Active

Yesterday, March 10th 2008, we successfully booted and provisionally set up the first two CPU nodes (2 quad core CPUs each) paired with one quad-GPU Tesla S1070 unit. Present at the happy event was the entire team (Dubravko, Jurica, Dejan & Mario -- see the photos), but the credit for setting everything up goes entirely to Jurica & Dubravko.

Three other Tesla units are already at the site, while the remaining six nodes are expected to arrive later this week. If everything goes according to plan, we should have the hardware portion of the cluster assembled next week.

HYBRID's rack with the UPS, front-end node, two slave nodes, and a Tesla S1070.

Zoom-in on Tesla S1070.

Very bottom to top: UPS, front-end node, two slave nodes in a single 1U case, and a Tesla S1070 (the top 1U case).

First diagnostics.

Prof. Vinkovic (PI) with his graduate student Jurica Teklic.

Co-I Mario Juric, visiting from the Institute for Advanced Study.

The local team (CW from center: Dejan Vinkovic, Jurica Teklic, Kresimir Cosic and Dubravko Balic).


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